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Kirkjubøur, Faroe Islands

The Magnus Cathedral in 1839

Yesterday the TCP crew went on a bit of an adventure to Kirkjubøur, a historic village located on the southern point of Streymoy Island. Kirkjubøur village is considered the Faroes most important historical site and has a number of ruins

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The Pleasures of the Greek colony of Paestum – in Italy!

Image credit: Garry Benson

Text: Garry Benson Images: Garry Benson Editor: Tracey Benson Paestum Two of my passions – there are lots – are old ruins and food, as evidenced by my car and my waistline. So when I was invited to a housewarming

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365 Places: Algeria

Tipasa © Tracey Benson 2008

Day 7: Algeria, North Africa Today my post is about a place that I will probably never visit again, Algeria. From the small part I saw, it is a beautiful and captivating country with an equally fascinating and complex history. I

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Profile: Edward Mooney

© Edward Mooney 2014

We have been researching other photographers, artists and writers that focus on travel and ideas of ‘place’ in their work. Recently, we came across the work of Edward Mooney, an Irish photographer and blogger, who blogs at We fell in

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