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10 Things We Learned From Years of Travel

This is a fabulous post by James and Terri Vance who write about their travel adventures on http://www.gallivance.net.
There is some really great practical advice and I love their morning habit of complementing each others wardrobe choices.
Will definitely be spending some time exploring this site over the next little while.
Thanks Terri for letting us reblog šŸ™‚


IMG_4445 - Version 5

As always, our travels have taught us countless lessons. And since we love learning ā€¦ here are our favorite ā€œAha! Moments.ā€

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The top 10 tips I’ve Learned from Minimalists

This lovely post talks about simplifying your life – there are some great ideas in this article about how you can minimise your wardrobe – great advice for would be travellers and weekend escapees šŸ™‚



Iā€™m not going to covet other minimalistsā€™ lives anymore.

I donā€™t travel the world with a single backpack.

I havenā€™t packed up my family to travel across the country in an RV for a year.

I am not a single woman with a futon, a suitcase and a laptop.

I didnā€™t choose 600 square feet of dwelling space with a hobby farm ā€˜round back.

YET, I adore reading about theseĀ amazing people and their even more intriguing journeys toward transformation. In perusing books and blogposts, these characters seem like old friends. Weā€™re all rooting for them. Their triumphs and courageous leaps of faith provide the inspiration for our own stories. However, through all this story following, I have found there is not one formula for choosing a simple lifeā€¦it is not a one-size-fits all t-shirt. No matter what our life looks like, I do believe each and every one of theseā€¦

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50th Anniversary of the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

We were not able to attend the 50th Anniversary of the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, but thought our readers would appreciate this post. Thanks for posting this article Andrew!


Listening to a speaker Gathering in Reconciliation Place

Itā€™s a cool Canberra evening. The famous tee-pee shapeĀ of Parliament House dominates the skyline to the south-west and the Australian War Memorialā€™s red parade groundĀ expands out to the north-east. Here, in ReconciliationĀ Place,Ā weĀ gatherĀ on the grass and sand to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Australian Institute for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies.

As a delegate to the 2014 National Indigenous Studies Conference, I wasĀ treated to an evening of high tea consisting of warm scones with jam and cream, kangaroo meat with baby boccaceli, lamb and chutneyĀ on a fancy bread thing, cheese and crackers, sandwiches,Ā mini deserts and the most delicious fancy teas Iā€™ve ever tasted.

But the highlight was most certainly the opportunity to share some unique cultural experiences.

We all dance on the same earth We all dance on the same earth

Members of the Yolngu and Bininj lands have traveled from the far north of our country to share with usā€¦

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