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Evliya Çelebi Way Project: 2014 Ride, Part 3

19 August: meeting up with the riders and local friends outside Bağlama

18 to 20 August Contributed by Gerald Maclean. First, a few notes from my notebook—of course I couldn’t scrawl in my favourite red, which I find more legible when reading it later, but managed to read the blue scribble reminding

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Evliya Çelebi Way Project: 2014 Ride

Photo of Ottoman Horse Camp, Photo Credit: Topkapi Palace Library , TSM H2148-8A]

Getting ready: 7 August Contributed by Gerald Maclean Donna and I leave from Heathrow for Turkey first thing tomorrow morning. Why are we doing it again? Taking to the saddle to ride horses for weeks across central Turkey? The 2014

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The Evliya Çelebi Way Project: 2009 Expeditionary Ride, Part 2

The Pleasures of Travel with Horses, 1: Going for an evening stroll.

The 2009 Ride: Before Setting Out Contributed by Gerald Maclean I ended the last post reporting that ‘On 22 September 2009, with seven horses and a supply vehicle, the first Evliya Çelebi Ride set out to follow the first stages

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Cultural Strangers: Crossing Cultures

Originally posted on Life in Russia:
An Introduction to: Cultural Strangers – Crossing Cultures It’s very fascinating that I’m getting to introduce some very special Guest bloggers at this time, I must admit that currently I’m going through a small…

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