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365 Places: Merimbula

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Day 178: Merimbula, New South Wales Merimbula is just one of the many beautiful little towns that dot the south coast of New South Wales. The town is situated on the Merimbula lake and named after the Aboriginal word for

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365 Places: Mollymook

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Day 176: Mollymook, New South Wales, Australia Today’s place is a little gem on the south coast of NSW with a great name – Mollymook. I first remember visiting Mollymook, when I was about 20. Not long after moving to

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365 Places: Kerala

A typical houseboat floating down the backwaters near Alleppey in Kerala. Image Credit:

Day 85: Kerala, India Earlier this year I wrote about Thiruvananathapuram, the capital city of the Kerala region, which is situated near the southern tip of India. This region of India is quite different from the majority of India as large

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365 Places: Lorne

Image Credit: ©2002 Dustin M. Ramsey (Kralizec!)

Day 77: Lorne, Victoria, Australia Today, I am continuing the journey along the Great Ocean Road, to the very pretty beach town of Lorne. Lorne is famous for a couple of things aside from its natural beauty, popularity as a

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365 Places: Anglesea

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Day 75: Anglesea, Victoria, Australia Anglesea is another place worth stopping along the Great Ocean Road which is famous for its beautiful surf beaches and coastal lifestyle. Located close to Torquay and on the banks of the Anglesea River, the Travel

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365 Places: Torquay

Dawn at Torquay, Image Credit: © Tracey Benson 2012

Day 74: Torquay, Victoria, Australia Today, I return to a journey I started to document earlier – the trip we took across Great Ocean Road (GOR), which included our couple of days in Kangaroo Island. Torquay is considered the gateway

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365 Places: Sanur Beachfront

Walking along Sanur Beach © Tracey Benson 2014

Day 52: Sanur Beachfront, Bali, Indonesia Today was our first day back in beautiful Bali and we spent a very relaxing day walking along the beach, getting a massage, swimming and eating some yummy Indonesian food. While we were walking

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