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Introducing: The Evliya Çelebi Way Project

Evliya Çelebi Way UNESCO Map

We are very excited to announce that we are featuring a new project on Geokult Travel – the Evliya Çelebi Way Project. In 2011, we met one of the project team, Gerald MacLean (Mac) in Avanos, when we went trail

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Map: 365 Places

Here is a map of all the places visited so far in the 365 Places project. Images will also be added over time.

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365 Places: Launch


Over the past few years, I have watched with great interest friends and fellow artists who have created visual diaries from taking photographs of their everyday life and themselves. Many of these projects have been shared on Facebook and other

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Mapping a Sustainable Future – First Steps in Ganmain

Originally posted on Geokult:
Aside from a mutual fascination with maps and geography, Marty and Tracey both have a passion for sustainable building and treading more lightly on the earth. Over the Easter weekend, they traveled to Ganmain in rural…

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Hasan Dag and Catal Huyuk

Great Mother of Catal Huyuk

Originally posted on Geokult:
Mount Hasan (Turkish: Hasan Dağı) is an inactive stratovolcano in Aksaray province, Turkey. With an altitude of 3,253 m (10,672 ft.), it ranks as the second highest mountain of central Anatolia. A caldera 4-5 kilometres wide formed…

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