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Tracey M Benson

The other day the Clipperton Project gang was very fortunate to meet local blogger and educator Birgir Kruse and cultural researcher Tóta Arnadottir.

Birgir talked to us about Faroese culture and history with a focus on the language and historic ties to Denmark, WW11 connections to Britton and linguistic context to old Norse and Gaelic.

Tóta’s talk was focused on myths, ballads and storytelling in Faroese culture. What was very interesting in her talk was the relationship of the Faroese chain dance to the ongoing survival of the language and the culture. It was also fascinating to learn about some of the Faroese fairy tales and myths – particularly the Huldufólk, the Seal Woman (Kópakonan or Selkie) and stories of trolls and giants.

The Norns and the Tree, Faroe Islands 2003, Artist Anker Eli Petersen The Norns and the Tree, Faroe Islands 2003,
Artist Anker Eli Petersen

I was interested to learn more about Faroese fairy tales and…

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Tracey M Benson is a lover of travel, having a diverse background as an artist, writer and researcher. Working with online environments since 1994, Tracey's experience includes providing digital media, web and social media solutions to government, non-profit, private industry and tertiary sectors. Her focus is on sustainability behaviour change and the use of communications and emerging technologies to empower community and build culture.

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