Waters of the Past

A blog from Tracey about our forthcoming journey to the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Norway

Tracey M Benson || Bytetime

Waters of the Past is the title of a new chapter of the Words for Water project. The project is focused on creative research and exploration through a journey to the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Norway.

The research explores recurring themes in my work related to memory, history, cultural identity and connection to place. It is also an opportunity to explore my migrant heritage directly by spending time learning more about the culture of my Norwegian ancestor, merchant seaman Anton Benson (1855-1929).

Anton’s sea-faring past fascinated me as a child, as did hearing stories of the long journey by boat made by my grandmother and great-grandmother. I have memories of my great-grandmother travelling to England by ship around 1972.

The landscape of my ancestors was richly imagined as a child; a place of fairy tales, of cold winters, of magic in the forest and of sea faring adventures.

The Carta marina (Latin "map of the sea" or "sea map"), drawn by Olaus Magnus in 1527-39, is the earliest map of the Nordic countries that gives details and place names. The Carta marina (Latin…

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