SCANZ2015 Residency

A post about the SCANZ2015 artist residency and events, in the Taranaki region of Aotearoa, NZ.

Tracey M Benson || Bytetime

At the moment I am in Aotearoa New Zealand in the Taranaki region, participating in the SCANZ2015 artist residency. This is my second residency with SCANZ and this time I come back as one of the board members of Intercreate, which has brought with it a different insight and a larger sense of responsibility and commitment to the program.

The residency and the work of Intercreate focuses on a range of topics and their intersections: art and science, hybrid arts, working with First Peoples and an emphasis on environmental and sustainability issues. In 2015, the theme is Water*Peace, giving the residents an opportunity to explore the social, spiritual and environmental aspects of these topics.

Tracey Benson with Maata Wharehoka at Parihaka Tracey Benson with Maata Wharehoka at Parihaka

SCANZ2015 started this year with an overnight stay at Parihaka, which is a place of great significance. The Parihaka website says:

Parihaka is a small Taranaki coastal Māori settlement, located…

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