2014 Evliya Çelebi Way Ride

Evliya Çelebi Way 2014 Ride

In invitation to join the ride in 2014
Contributed by Gerald Maclean

2014 Evliya Çelebi Way Ride
2014 Evliya Çelebi Way Ride

The Evliya Çelebi Way is open all year and welcomes walkers, cyclists, and equestrians and travellers of all kinds.

Please join the project team and the growing number of independent travellers who have journeyed along all or part of the route, travelling through the staggering beauty of western Turkey, visiting saints’ tombs and drinking tea in traditional farming villages.

For full details of when to go, what you will see, where to stay and other essentials, you can consult the guidebook, which is also in Turkish: The Evliya Elebi Way: Turkey’s First Long-Distance Walking and Riding Route. Caroline Finkel and Kate Clow with Donna Landry.

In addition to historical and topographical notes, the guidebook provides a map with full descriptions of timed, daily stages, and GPS co-ordinates. Up to date information can be found at the Evliya Çelebi Way website.

2013 Riding into Babasultan
2013 Riding into Babasultan

The Evliya Çelebi Way was initially conceived as an equestrian trek and was explored by horseback in 2009. Every year since then, small groups of international equestrian enthusiasts have spent two-weeks in the saddle riding between Istanbul and Kütahya.
For details of the 2014 ride, consult the Akhal-Teke Horse Riding Center’s website information on the Central Anatolian Trek

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