Dispatch: Fly Brother

Check out this very interesting discussion titled “Dispatch Fly Brother” between Bani Amor (everywhere all the time) and @flybrother (Ernest White II) about travel, writing, identity and speaking to diverse audiences.
Original article published http://baniamor.com/2014/05/06/dispatch-fly-brother/
Reblogged with permission from Bani Amor. Thanks!

everywhere all the time

Hey People, we’re 2 weeks into my Indiegogo campaign to help fund my trip from Ecuador to California for the VONA/Voices workshop for writers of color. I’m so happy to have been accepted into their travel writing track in Berkeley this June, now I just gotta pay off my tuition and buy my plane ticket! I’m in Ecuador receiving treatment for my disability, which hinders my ability to write for work, and thus, pay these fees by myself. If you could donate even just a lil’ bit I’d be uber-appreciative! If not, please share with your comrades via social media.

Click here to donate <

In conjunction with the crowdfunding campaign, I launched the interview series Dispatches: Conversations with Writers of Color on Race, Place & Adventure. Our first conversation was with Miyuki Baker. Our next is with Ernest White II, aka Fly Brother. Read on…

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