Bangka Island: An Island under Threat

This story from Indah Susanti’s blog talks of the impending danger of the beautiful Bangka Island’s marine habitat due to mining. The island is situated in Indonesia and has some very rare and diverse species of marine flora and fauna. There are links to add your name to a number of petitions. It is incredible to think this stunning environment may vanish.

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In Indonesia, North Sulawesi Province, between of two famous diving destination Bunaken and Lembeh Strait, there is an island called Bangka (Regency of North Minahasa). The entire coastal area of ​​North Sulawesi is known for its impressive marine biodiversity, terrestrial of tropical forests and unique native animals such as tarsier monkey. Yet, the island is facing a threat: a decision made by the mainland government to mine two third of the 4700 hectares island with support of Chinese company’s investment, threatening the livelihood of its residents whose majorities are fishermen. It is feared that the mining will destroy the existence of its unique flora and fauna terrestrially and its marine biodiversity.

An Island for Macro Photography Lovers

It was raining when we started our first dive at Dive Site Tanjung Hisu Dua. I felt the warmth of tropical Celebs seawater as I entered the water. Dolfie Bawole, our dive…

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Tracey M Benson is a lover of travel, having a diverse background as an artist, writer and researcher. Working with online environments since 1994, Tracey's experience includes providing digital media, web and social media solutions to government, non-profit, private industry and tertiary sectors. Her focus is on sustainability behaviour change and the use of communications and emerging technologies to empower community and build culture.

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  1. Thank you so much Tracey!

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    You too Indah 🙂

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