Dubrovnik, Croatia – A Photo Essay

We visited Dubrovnik as part of a ‘Sailing’ Croatia cruise from Split to Dobrovnik and return in October 2013. Although the cruise was promoted as a sailing cruise, the sails were not raised once over the nine day. We did however visit some beautiful seaside ports and villages along the way, including this one:

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Martin Drury is a traveller, photographer, carer, hiker, cyclist, sailor, adventurer, cartographer and Uber Driver based in Canberra, Australia. He has travelled to Papua New Guinea, SE Asia, the South Pacific including Samoa and diving in the Soloman Islands, trekked in Nepal, and sailed the Coral Sea. He also had the enviable role of being the cartographer for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (1989-1995).

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6 comments on “Dubrovnik, Croatia – A Photo Essay
  1. Wendy Kate says:

    I would have been disappointed that they didn’t put the sails up! Much nicer to be pulled along by the wind. Great pictures 🙂

    • Martin Drury says:

      Thanks Wendy, yes it was disappointing as it was promoted as a sailing adventure, but apparently it is very common, the skipper said that they only ever put the sails up to provide shade on a hot day.

  2. Martin Drury says:

    Hi Destinary, thanks for re-blogging my post, however the photographs don’t appear to be displaying!

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