Sunset on Surveyor's Hill. Image Credit:

365 Places: Surveyor’s Hill Vineyard

Day 35: Surveyor’s Hill, New South Wales, Australia

Today, the special place is a bit closer to home and a place that has great sentimental value to my husband Martin and I. Surveyor’s Hill Vineyard is about 10 minutes drive from the historic village of Hall.

View of surveyor's Hill and the Brindabella Ranges. Image Credit:
View of surveyor’s Hill and the Brindabella Ranges. Image Credit:

The Vineyard is a fabulous place to stay for a weekend getaway, as there is a lovely restaurant, plenty of nice walks around the area and very comfortable B&B style accommodation. When Martin turned 50, my gift to him was a weekend staying here, which we both enjoyed very much.

B&B Accommodation at Surveyor's Hill Vineyard. Image Credit:
B&B Accommodation at Surveyor’s Hill Vineyard. Image Credit:

Some history of the hill from the Surveyor’s Hill Vineyard website:

Surveyor’s Hill is the remains of an ancient volcano more than 360 million years old, rising to 736 metres above sea level.

First established in the mid-1980s, our vineyards are among the older plantings in the district and grow at the foot of the hill between 550 and 585 metres. Soils are free-draining and derived from weathered porphyritic rocks.

When we stayed I booked a special deal that included a three-course dinner with wine tasting and breakfast as well as the accommodation. The food at the Pomegranate Bistrot was first class and all the meals had lovely attention to detail as well as being delicious.

Wild Rabbit Pie: Image Credit:
Wild Rabbit Pie: Image Credit:

Contact Details

Surveyor’s Hill Vineyards
215 Brooklands Road
Wallaroo via Hall, NSW 2618

Phone: 02 6230 2046

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