© Garry Benson 2014

Samoan Skills: Making Coconut Milk

Text: Garry Benson
Images: © Garry Benson 2014

My friends and I enjoyed a great day at the locally named Bali’ha’i Island on the west coast of Samoa’s home island Savaiʻi, the largest and highest island in Samoa and the Samoa Islands chain.

Our guide Falou showed us how to make Coconut Milk in ten easy steps, here they are in images.

You can see more about Samoa, by checking out Martin Drury’s Photo Essay.

2 thoughts on “Samoan Skills: Making Coconut Milk”

  1. That looks like a super experience! I love the unique experiences that destinations have to offer. Especially when they are only there. This Samoan tradition seems to be one of those things.

    You should try rating some of the places you’ve been at Yonderlist. We post links to your site to get you traffic! We’d love to hear your thoughts on which destinations you enjoyed, and more importantly – the ones you didn’t.


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