Profile: Garry Benson

Garry Benson is a regular contributor on Geokult Travel and has posted about some of his wonderful travel experiences, plus offering some great advice on how to improve your photographic skills.


Garry Benson
Garry Benson

We are very lucky to have Garry writing for us, as he brings many decades of experience as a film-maker and photographer. Here is his biography:

Garry Benson is a cinematographer, photojournalist, lecturer and artist who has worked in film, television and published media in Australia, SE Asia and Europe for many years. Highlights of his career include the Lost Roman City Expedition to Western China (during the Tiananmen Square crisis) in 1989; a six week trek to Everest Base Camp in 1991; and working on & contributing to the Ara Irititja digital database for the Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara pedople of Central Australia since the 1980s. He recently returned from six weeks in Amsterdam, Paris, the Dordogne and Provence and undertook a two week Buddhist pilgrimage to India in April 2013.

You can find Garry’s articles under Resources and under the Garry Benson tag.

PS: If you are wondering about us sharing the Benson surname – yes – we are related. Garry is my Dad’s brother – my paternal uncle. When I was growing up with dreams of going to art school and travelling the world, I saw my uncle Garry as an inspiration. I still do.

7 thoughts on “Profile: Garry Benson”

    1. Hi Rajiv, Garry has provided lots of articles that I have edited and published on the geokult travel site – you can see all of his material by clicking on the tag with with name… Does that make sense?

    2. PS – we invite people to submit articles to us to publish. If you are interested, check out the submission guidelines under ‘work with us’

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