Awesome Assisi

Text: Garry Benson
Images:  © Garry Benson

© Garry Benson

© Garry Benson

In 2006, I spent a month touring around Italy with my friends Zoë and Susan. Our excuse was to attend the housewarming of my good mates John and Dora Dallwitz in Rivello, Basilicata and friends in Venice. One of my favourite places was Assisi.

As a Buddist I’m interested in all religions, and the Basilica of San Francesco d’Assisi in Assisi was one of the highlights. It’s a tribute to Saint Francis of Assisi, born Giovanni di Pietro di Bernardone, but nicknamed Francesco (‘the Frenchman’) by his father. Though he was never ordained to the Catholic priesthood, Francis is one of the most venerated religious figures in history.

But what really excited me was the ambience of Assisi. The little details, the beautiful streets and gardens, the Mummers and the people crowding this smallish hill town perched above the flat plains of Umbria. With approx. 25000 permanent inhabitants, it is located on a slope of Mount Subasio at approx. 400 metres high. Entirely built in white and rose stone of Mount Subasio, its look is characterised by narrow, steep and winding alleys which have preserved their look and their charm over the centuries.
So hopefully you will enjoy this small gallery of images of Assisi from one sunny September just 8 years ago…


Tracey M Benson is a lover of travel, having a diverse background as an artist, writer and researcher. Working with online environments since 1994, Tracey's experience includes providing digital media, web and social media solutions to government, non-profit, private industry and tertiary sectors. Her focus is on sustainability behaviour change and the use of communications and emerging technologies to empower community and build culture.

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