Karaloz Bay © Tracey Benson 2013

365 Places: Karaloz Bay

Day 20: Karaloz Bay, Mediterranean Sea, Antalya Province, Turkey

Today, my post is about another place I adore – Turkey, or more specifically, the Turkish Mediterranean, which we discovered last year when we did a Blue Cruise. Although our cruise itinerary was changed because of bad weather, we still had a brilliant time on the Gulet (a wooden handcrafted boat originally used for fishing). On the cruise, we met some lovely people from all over the place – Turkey, USA, South Africa, Canada, France and of course Australia (us mob get around).

On the rainiest day of the cruise, we spend the day nestled in Karaloz Bay, where we were protected from the bad weather. It was a great day despite the rain, where time was spent reading, chatting and taking photographs. Some of the passengers even went swimming!

Here are some pictures of Karaloz Bay and also Gokkaya Bay, where there is a pirate’s cave. You can also check out Martin’s photo essay about the Blue Cruise.



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