10 Things We Learned From Years of Travel

This is a fabulous post by James and Terri Vance who write about their travel adventures on http://www.gallivance.net.
There is some really great practical advice and I love their morning habit of complementing each others wardrobe choices.
Will definitely be spending some time exploring this site over the next little while.
Thanks Terri for letting us reblog 🙂


IMG_4445 - Version 5

As always, our travels have taught us countless lessons. And since we love learning … here are our favorite “Aha! Moments.”

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2 thoughts on “10 Things We Learned From Years of Travel”

  1. Tracey and Martin, Thanks so much for your very kind words. When it comes to travel, I think we’ve made every mistake possible over the years, and hopefully learned a few (often funny) lessons. 🙂 We’re honored to be here on your great blog. All the best, Terri & James

    1. Thanks Terri and James,
      It is great you can share all you have learnt over the years – and let us share as well!
      We look forward to seeing your updates.

      Best wishes
      Tracey and Marty

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