The top 10 tips I’ve Learned from Minimalists

This lovely post talks about simplifying your life – there are some great ideas in this article about how you can minimise your wardrobe – great advice for would be travellers and weekend escapees šŸ™‚



Iā€™m not going to covet other minimalistsā€™ lives anymore.

I donā€™t travel the world with a single backpack.

I havenā€™t packed up my family to travel across the country in an RV for a year.

I am not a single woman with a futon, a suitcase and a laptop.

I didnā€™t choose 600 square feet of dwelling space with a hobby farm ā€˜round back.

YET, I adore reading about theseĀ amazing people and their even more intriguing journeys toward transformation. In perusing books and blogposts, these characters seem like old friends. Weā€™re all rooting for them. Their triumphs and courageous leaps of faith provide the inspiration for our own stories. However, through all this story following, I have found there is not one formula for choosing a simple lifeā€¦it is not a one-size-fits all t-shirt. No matter what our life looks like, I do believe each and every one of theseā€¦

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